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  • Recipe : The Tripe Caen by Le Relais Normand

    The tripe Caen are among the flagship recipes served at the restaurant Relais Normand. To learn how to prepare this dish, follow the leader ...

    The ingredients needed to prepare tripe of Caen in the rules of art, we need :

    • One kilo of tripe
    • Two feet veal
    • 100 grams of bacon bard
    • 300 grams of carrots
    • 200 grams of onions
    • A clove of garlic
    • 20 grams of butter
    • A bouquet garni
    • 1the cider
    • 3cl calvados
    • Two cloves
    • A pinch of allspice
    • Salt and pepper

    The preparation
    When all the ingredients are combined, you can move to the preparation. To start, Cut the tripe into strips and veal feet apart. Then Peel carrots, wash and slice into rounds. Peel onions, poke one with cloves and cut into thin rings other. Peel the garlic and crush it.
    Preheat thereafter the thermostat oven 6 (180°C) and if you have a tripière (earthen pot), line the bottom with bacon bards. If you do not have this utensil, a classic pot enough.
    Cover the bacon bards carrots, onions, tripe and calf foot pieces. Stir in garlic, bouquet garni, the onion stuck then season to taste. Add the pinch of allspice and pour the Calvados and cider. Cut the butter into the nuts and stir.
    Then Lutez casserole or pot. To do, wet a little flour in a little water and line the edge of the casserole with the sticky dough. Cook for at least 8 hours cover, the furnace and at mid-height.

    Before use, Remove the bouquet garni and bone pieces and serve hot with potatoes cooked with English as an accompaniment.
    Note that the bouquet garni consisting of parsley, thyme and bay leaf.

    At Relais Normand, the sommelier will offer you an accompaniment to this dish a good Sancerre or Saint-Veran.